What Are CBM Experts?

As the Cross Border Matchmaker has grown over the years – we have steered away from the standard boiler plate speaker conference and instead focus on hyper-focused groups and taking action and making deals.

So we call those who help facilitate this – experts.

An expert at the CBM (Cross Border Matchmaker) is a host of a round table, or a host at the 1 on 1 business speed dating sessions. They are sharing their expertise, answering questions, making deals, and taking action!

It also has allowed us to help get more local experts to these events – as they may be “shy” to speak English on stage or do not have time to make a powerpoint presentation.

So how does it work (if you’re an expert attending the event)

It will be an action packed day – and as an expert at the event – this is what we will happen:

Choose which times you can be available (multiple is ok)

One good thing we have noticed from many experts is they do not need to produce a slide deck or speech. Simply be ready to share your experience and answer questions from attendees.

Morning sessions – this is our speed dating 1 on 1 sessions. We will put you at a small table and have attendees book 5-15 minute (depending on availability) session with you. We will have a timer on and then switch regularly.

Afternoon sessions – this is our roundtable. This is the we will have you host a group of 8 – 15 people on a topic of your expertise. Then you can share insights and information about your experience. What we have noticed in previous round table sessions is that people will share their experiences and you are simply hosting and facilitating the conversation during the round table.

Some experts attending have selected to do both – which is of course welcome and open! We want to allow people to engage with you, meet others in the industry, and make deals!

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